May day, May day…this is important stuff

The month of May is here and in my family it’s a pretty big month, in fact, it’s the biggest month on the calendar for us, with 4 birthdays straight off the bat and then of course Mothers Day too.  This year we will be celebrating a 70th (well done Dad) and a 40th (brother dearest), so it’s pretty hectic.

All that equates to a whole lot of gift giving, which is great if you have time to get it all done, but I’ve found the last few years (let me just blame it on the kids) that I haven’t and have instead found myself floundering in ‘gift giving’ arrears.  I should really try to swing things back around to my favour, and if I owe you a gift (and you probably know it if I do), then I’m just so sorry.  It’s coming.  It is.

Let’s move on.  So to make sure that others (and by that, I really mean my Hubby), doesn’t fall into the same trap of chasing his tail a day out from my birthday (yes that old chestnut, you know what I mean right?), I’ve started giving him the heads up….”it’s May now Hubby, my birthday is coming up soon….how about I save you a whole lot of bother and stress and eventual very bad birthday present purchasing this year, and just tell you what I want”…he didn’t seem impressed.  Go figure.

I’m resorting to the list below, feel free to lavish!

Most gorgeous little iPod alarm clock dock via here.

Ray-Bans of course

Bling it on

This lovely piece of equipment

A little underfoot comfort

MacBook Pro……what?

The ultimate in luxe romance here. Thinking really big now, really big.

Or maybe just one of these then….

Note to girlfriends…there is no Thermomix on my list. I know, what’s wrong with me but I just don’t want one.
Note to Hubby…don’t forget the card x


2 thoughts on “May day, May day…this is important stuff

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