Back to school….cool

School started back today and I feel like I can breathe a huge sign of relief.  My little guy was not very impressed this morning to have me near strangle him with a tie, a totally foreign object to him, but goddamn he looked so handsome in it and I can’t believe that only 2 days ago I did actually want to strangle him.  Lucky they’re so cute.  One of my school mums has put me to shame though, she was actually sad and sorry to see her boys head back to school, and she has 3 of them….I can’t help but wonder what on earth is wrong with me?

Just to finish off my little Perth pictorial (and if you haven’t seen these on Instagram), a few more snaps taken around town (mostly the Northbridge area) these last few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Back to school….cool

  1. Dk you’re amazing. I love your photography you so need to do something with this. So impressed, so is Matty. Why can’t I see these on instagram??? very impressed my darling, impressed and by the way, what wrong with your school mum not you. I couldn’t wait for Ocea to be back at Kindy and she couldn’t wait either. She needed it more than me I think. xxx

  2. Take the praise you are very talented Denise. You should definately start something. I also couldnt wait for Ella to return to kindy. Its only 2 days but bloody hell I need it x

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