A little Monday eve dreaming…

After nearly 3 weeks of school holidays, which for the most part have been driving me bonkers and after yelling at my kids again this morning for like the billionth time, I find myself dreaming momentarily of a time back in Galway, Ireland BC (before children).  The place of my birth, early childhood, family, heritage and the place hubby and I got hitched and spent some blissful time way back when it all seemed a lot easier.

My post today was going to be a little bit about what we did during the holidays, some pictures of cooking in the kitchen with the kids (which despite what others may have you believe, is not FUN….yes I am holiday fatigued), and certain other outings we’ve had and friends we’ve caught up with .  The kids have had fun and I’ve enjoyed sleeping in and lazing around the house, but really, I’m just so relieved its nearly over.

In memory of that quieter time BC when you could just go off and DIY, and maybe shack up in a fancy hotel for a night on a whim, I’m taking a little day-dreamer trip back to Galway and shacking up here, the g Hotel.  It wasn’t there back in 2005, but if it was I think I might have liked to stay.  I have a thing for hotels, really amazing and luxurious ones, that I can only ever aspire to experience (so fickle in the big picture, but I’m Taurean).  Wouldn’t it be nice, just for a moment.

Philip Treacy worked on the design of the g, it’s artistic, impressionable and ever so bright.

Photos courtesy of Tripadvisor

2 thoughts on “A little Monday eve dreaming…

  1. I’m hearin ya girlfriend! One of these days us girlies may need to lash out & leave the hubby & rug rats behind whilst we escape to paradise for a night or two & spoil ourselves rotten. Why the hell not, we deserve it!

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