Friday foodie…

If you happen to be entertaining this weekend, then perhaps you might like to consider these.  It’s a very easy, very yummy little dish which my girlfriend first served up at her Enjo party and then our annual girls Chrissy lunch last year. They were unbelievably good and not a Theromix in sight.

Little Cherry Tomato Bocconcini Morsels
1 punnet of cherry tomatoes washed (get little ones, not the bigger ones – purely for aesthetics) – bambini bocconcici – a few pitted kalamata olives – a bunch of fresh basil – balsamic glaze (shop bought) – toothpicks

And all you do is:
Stick 1 cherry tomato on a toothpick, followed by a little piece of torn basil, followed by a little piece of torn olive, followed by a baby bocconcini, followed by a little bit of torn basil and another little piece of olive.

Keep going until you’ve made all that you need and place on a platter or serving dish.

Just before you serve them, drizzle them with the Balsamic glaze and little olive oil if you like.

They are a winner and a sinch. Thank you Bec!


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