Perth in pictures….

My recent trip to Sydney got me to thinking about our own city, which for the most part, doesn’t really rate much of a mention.  For me it’s always been not much more than a really big country town and for the all the years I’ve lived here it never really seemed to change very much.

Last week we took the boys into the city on the train, which had more to do with the train trip then actually wanting to go into Town, but when we got there I discovered that something had changed, and turns out it’s Perth.  There were parts unrecognisable from its former self.  It’s still not exactly ‘big’, but it’s so much better.  Here are a few snaps from our day.

This gorgeous green sculpture has been dubbed “The Cactus”. It is by Australian artist James Angus (who just so happens to be our neighbours son, whom I’ve never met by the way, but thought I’d name drop all the same).

The skyline is changing too, growing in the blink of an eye, but thankfully still managing to retain some heritage.

Whilst in the city I saw a mum lugging around her really impressive SLR plus camera bag plus tripod plus kids and wondered if I could ever be that dedicated to the art of taking a great photo. I have to say she looked a little wrecked, but no doubt she has awesome pictures for her trouble. For now, all my shots are taken on the iPhone3 I lug around with me and put through either Snapseed (which I first heard about here) or Instagram.  These particular ones were all done through Snapseed.


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