Here comes a plug: numero 1

I don’t win things.  Ever.  Other people do, like say my sister who once won $1000 in a scratch n’ win ( I know, just like that, she scratched and she won) and my hubby who wins Lotto every now and again and sometimes stuff on the radio, and my girlfriend who once won a holiday to Fiji and I even know someone who once won a car, a whole one.  People do win things and believe me when I tell you, I am in it to win it, because I get that…. so I’m in but I never win.  I’m resigned to the fact that I will never win an iPad, Canon Digital SLR or a million dollars. Who does?

Last week I won something!  I couldn’t believe it.  I did an eye rub and everything when I saw my name on the winners list.  Ok, sure it wasn’t really first prize, but it was a runners-up prize and considering I didn’t know there were any runner-up prizes I was pretty well stoked.

When I was in Sydney recently I had fully intended to visit a little shop in Paddington that I stumbled across while pouring over the March edition of Real Living magazine (which I love), but unfortunately the little trip down Oxford that my sis and I had planned never eventuated, most probably due to the non sleeping 10 month old who had the whole house in exhaustion lock down that morning.  Anyhow, this little shop in Paddington was running a 1st birthday competition on Facebook and I entered, and I won!

I Like Birds and now I like them even more and you will too if you are into anything at all vintage, retro, quirky, new and cool in the homewares genre, at prices that won’t send you broke (it’s just like an infomercial).  What more do you want? Check out their Facebook page for more information and gorgeous store pics.

In honour of my good fortune (in the realms of a $25 gift voucher….I know right, who gets that excited over $25…moi), I would like to dedicate a great track of the same name sake, I Like Birds by the Eels, to I Like Birds. The track is taken from their Daisies of the Galaxy Album.  Also, very retro Album artwork, which is a lovely fit for I Like Birds too. Enjoy.


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