Chick flicks and one for the kids…

Not one to have my finger on the pulse, I have just finished watching a new (as in new release DVD) Woody Allen flick called Midnight in Paris  (2011) and I thought I’d mention it because it was actually a pretty nice film.  I find Woody Allen a little hit or miss, he’s a tad odd really, inevitably a by-product of such a creative mind….but Midnight in Paris was quirky in a good way and if you happen to like Owen Wilson then this one might just be a definite DVD pick for you.  The Paris scenery is also lovely and having spent time in France (although sadly never Paris), it touches a soft spot in me. Oh and the French Presidents wife is in it too, so you can celebrity spot amongst the celebrities.

On a slightly more disappointing note, I happened to watch the latest Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) flick this weekend too (Twihard fans tune out) and please can someone tell me, why it is, given all that Hollywood can do, they just can’t do these movies?  That ‘something’ that makes these books so good, just seems to get lost in translation to the big screen, which is a real shame.  Having said that though, I’ll probably watch it over, because  I’m a seriously hopeless ‘sucker’ for a good romance!  Do you know how many grown women I know who swoon over Robert Pattinson?  It’s embarrassing.

We did watch a lot of DVD’s this Easter long weekend, and I can’t finish up without mentioning one for the kids.  This one was called Hop (2011) and we are so far behind on movie watching you’ve probably already seen it, like ages ago, but in case you haven’t….it was really cute and the Easter Bunny (aka Russell Brand) was pretty hilarious. It got a thumbs up from all of us.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend and managed to get some quality R&R in there somewhere.


3 thoughts on “Chick flicks and one for the kids…

  1. I’ll have to watch Midnight in Paris on your recommendation then Denise…always on the hunt for a good movie…

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