Good, it’s Friday….

Oh wow, Easter is coming again and so soon….I haven’t written a great deal on this blog but I have written about last Easter, which made me realise that my blog is turning 1!!  Where does the time go? Don’t answer that.

My little baby blog is growing up so fast and it would seem that its birthday is always going to be all about Easter and chocolate, fine with me…happen to love both, a lot.  Not usually a problem, but dare I say it, there can actually be too much of good thing and in this house, that thing is chocolate at Easter.  It’s funny how excited I am about the Easter Bunny visiting and the total bliss of my kids when they find their eggs, but on the other hand, I’m secretly scheming a way to take most of it off them…cruel, so cruel, but otherwise they will go crazy on that sugar and God help me.  It has to be rationed, surely that’s what I learnt from last year.

We’re spending Easter and the holidays (all nearly 3 weeks of them) at home.  Hubby has the first week off, which I’m really looking forward too because he’s not actually done that before (as in taken holidays to be at home during holidays), so his company and help with entertaining the boys will be greatly appreciated…and of course the list of chores I have for him is getting longer by the day, God help him.

My 6 year old has brought home a baking book from the library and has it all pegged out.  I’m glad of course to see him taking a keen interest in cooking and he does often “help” me out in the kitchen, but I wasn’t expecting the cook book! I’m sure I’ll post about whatever it is we make or rather bake down the track.

I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter.  And for all the mums who are dreading being at home with young kids to keep busy, I suggest you grab a copy of your local paper and mark out all the free stuff to do and go do it….nothing better than someone else entertaining your kids for free!

The pic on today’s post is of an Easter card our 3yr old made at Kindy for us.  It’s so adorable but I have to say I was a little relieved to see that ALL the cards were covered in pink feathers and not just his…ridiculous…HAPPY EASTER.


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