Sydney in pictures…

My trip to Sydney.  Starting with my beautiful nephew who is 10 months old and currently in the very frequent habit of torturing his poor parents with sleep deprivation (and his auntie whilst I was there).  Lucky he is completely adorable!

My amazing sis and my amazing niece, so cute, both of them!

Cafe culture


More of Bondi on a beautiful day

Couldn’t resist purchasing a little iconic print from here.

Queen Victoria Building

Very retro wallpaper adorns my sisters place

The Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge, always looks so amazing and celebrating 80 this year. She still looks pretty good for an old duck

Zara! That was exciting for this Perth girl who hasn’t set foot in a Zara store since ’04

Glimpse of the bridge

And just a few more from around the city

These last 3 pics were taken by my sister.
Quality floor time, such precious moments and a reminder to me that I should do it more with my own kids!

Having a little quiet word with my nephew

Hanging at the harbour before heading home


4 thoughts on “Sydney in pictures…

  1. Beaut Snaps Denise!..Looks like you got your Nephews attention with that whisper in the ear…i think he is thinking..could you run that pass me again Auntie.?!!!.

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