A little instagram app…

Back in the land of “Before I Owned An iphone” I used to see lots of lovely photos around the net which were the result of a great little app called Instagram and I have to say, I used to get a little jealous. Not having the app for my android thingy left me a mere mortal…roaming the fringes of the Instagram world, waiting.

Recently though (yes I know I’m completely behind) I became a gushingly proud iphone owner (thanks to my lovely brother who passed on his old one to me), which although is an older phone, is still so much smarter than any other smart phone I’ve ever  possessed, and I’ve possessed a lot.  I love it, and it’s just a thing, but it does such cool things.

So now I have an iphone and the Instagram app and am a mere mortal no more. It somehow manages to turn the most ordinary everyday things into something just a little more extraordinary. I love it.  Mind you, these pics I’m sharing today are in no way particularly good and certainly don’t compare to some other great Instagram shots I’ve seen, but at least they are mine.

If you are not an iphone user don’t fret, because I have recently found out that Instagram for android is soon to be released, lucky you! Get snappy.

the last lingering days of summer


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