mini-break pending….

It would seem that a little mini-break is heading my way, a long weekend in the wonderful harbour city of Sydney….let it be said…..I cant wait!  A whole three days away on the other side of the country, on a plane, no kids, reading a book, watching a flick, resting, time on my own, in my own head-space, a long lunch, an even longer glass of vino, people watching, and all that before I even land! It all feels very indulgent and amazing really, doesn’t it?

Then why do I  feel sooooooo guilty about it, my anxiety is up at the very thought of it and take off is still 2 weeks away.  How weird.  A little mini-break, which all busy, exhausted, over tired and completely harassed mothers dream of (myself included), is now going to be the cause of much stomach churning and angst for me, probably until such time as I get myself onto that plane and fly.  Chemical imbalance?  Maybe.  Personality glitch?  Maybe.  Genetics?  Yes, definitely genetics.  I get anxious and it is a total pain. Total.

It will all be fine of course, won’t it?  The boys will really miss me…yes, they will, a lot… they’ll be sad and the house will fall apart too won’t it, and they’ll all starve….. and I’ll discover that nothing of the sort will actually happen and that my whole anxiety laden build up will have been nothing more than a complete (but necessary and unavoidable) waste of my time….just like I said, a total pain.

My 6 year old will not forgive me for going without him for a very very long time, and in fact has still not forgiven me for going without him last time, in October 2010!  I will worry about him constantly while gone and his younger brother too, who will also fret, but only because his big brother will be doing it and not because he has any idea what it is.  If anyone has some brilliant ideas on how to win their love back on my return, please feel free to tell me!

Still, I’m off to Sydney to spend time with my beautiful sister and her hubby and my beautiful niece and nephew and it’s going to be amazing…short, but amazing.  There’s going to be an itinerary (owing to the trip length an itinerary is essential for maximum mini-break productivity) bound to include some babysitting, sightseeing, a little shopping at The Junction, perusing of my sisters ever increasing collection of Vogue Living magazines, sky diving – what’s that sis? – scratch sky diving – no sky diving, but coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner in and of course dinner out and much much more. I can’t wait…eeek (translation – little yelp of joy).

It’s only three nights and really only 2.5days.  Not a big deal.  Mini-break, hear I come….in 2 weeks. Please don’t anyone get sick.

As an aside, the Fish Tagine from here, was just delish!

Have a great weekend and an even better St Patricks Day.


2 thoughts on “mini-break pending….

  1. Ideas on how to win their love back? Massive big presents!! Works every time! Would also work quite nicely for me just quietly! :)~

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