a Grace Kelly moment…..

I thought that maybe a little look at the stunning Grace Kelly (1929-1982) was fitting given the upcoming exhibition Grace Kelly: Style Icon at the Bendigo Art Gallery, Australia from March 11th. What a beautiful lady. What a life she must have lived, and how sad that she had to leave it so young.

Of course she rose to fame in Hollywood long before her crowning glory as Princess Grace of Monaco, winning an Oscar in 1955 for her role in the film The Country Girl.

I fooled myself into thinking that Grace Kelly and I have something in common, certainly we have both spent time in Monaco…shopping, sipping bubbles, watching the Grand Prix, lazing around on the decks of super yachts, playing at the casino, taking in the spectacular views from the Palace, entertaining celebrity friends and whiling away the hours soaking up all that lovely ‘Frenchness’ – magnifique.
Yes, many things in common indeed, alas, she as the stunningly beautiful Princess and devoted Mother loved by the people and I, as the waitress, waiting on the people, pouring the bubbles at the Grand Prix, on the decks of the super yachts to celebrity clientele, and as a lowly tourist only dreaming about all that grandness each time I hopped off the train to  work there.  It is grand though and I can only imagine the time of Grace Kelly to be even grander.

There really is something wonderful about Monaco and the style and beauty of Grace Kelly lives on in its air today, as it did then. She certainly left her mark.

If only that exhibition showing in Bendigo would wind its way over to Perth too, but I think not.

Grace Kelly circa 1955 (Pictures & Photos of Grace Kelly – IMDb)

Grace Kelly & Prince Rainier III (Grace Kelly Online)

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