I was going to …

I was going to do a post about the great night out I had last night with girlfriends for birthday drinks.  About the uber cool stylings of the Greenhouse where we went, about how excited I was to swap my usual black flip flops for heels, cast off the shackles of urban house wife and morph for a few brief hours into night city dweller.  I even had photos of the above mentioned Greenhouse for you to have a look at, with its funky decor and lighting, and amazing eats (including the most delicious mini fish burger ever) and atmosphere….but alas, it has come to zip and now I am just so cranky.  Why?

All over one little silly mobile that I am unfortunate enough to own, which needed a driver download in order to use the USB cable straight from its very own box to get the pictures from last night off of it.  The driver, downloaded directly from the manufacturers own webpage sent our brand new PC into fatal crash and me into panic mode and a very bad mood to boot.  All of our beautiful Saturday morning has now been consumed with backing it up and initiating a total factory image restore (geek talk), to get it back to its ‘out of box’ setting of a week ago and now thankfully virus free again.  Anti Virus schmirus, and boy do I have something to say to LG.  Really need to count to 10 first.

So my lovely Friday eve of just last night now seems like so long ago and I want to do it again…more birthday drinks anyone?  The company and the setting was so sweet…sorry there’s no dam photos to show you.

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