Nobody told me….

Nobody told me that Nobody is a wholly Australian owned and wholly Australian manufactured label, made in Melbourne!  Not that it’s something that anyone would tell you really, but I just assumed they were Made in China like sooo many other bits of everything these days. So this is good news for me, because I own a pair of Nobody jeans since mid last year and I love them, and now I think I love them even more, and now I don’t feel so bad about the price tag…because they are also, somehow, ethical….nice.

I did get to thinking about the contents of my wardrobe though and it did occur to me that some years ago I had made a pledge (to myself) to pay more (and yes probably I need to pay more $$) attention to what I actually purchased for it (my wardrobe), but it never really eventuated.  I find that I still today seem to make all sorts of very rushed, rash, and crap decisions on the clothing front.  I am pretty sure that I stomped all over quality for quantity long ago, preferring to stock up on cheap, cheerful and awfully common threads that would inevitably end up in the Good Sammy bin six months later. Sigh.

So I’m pledging again today, that I’m really going to try to make more informed decisions about what I buy (and yes, fashion house labels will be given due consideration if I happen to find them on SALE) and if that means not buying anything for ages and ages while I wait for the right item, then that’s just the way it’s gonna have to be….and also, lets face it, it’s impossible to find the time to shop these days anyhow.  I can’t take the kids, they’re boys, and they just weren’t born to shop, not mine at least.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how my little pledge pans out.


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