A little birthday cake disaster…

Today is my husbands birthday and as is the usual thing to do around here on a birthday, I bake a cake.  It’s always the same cake (chocolate, of course), always the same recipe (it’s a cinch) and always a success…..except….not so much today.  After a Saturday morning of the usual running’s about in the house I set to work on making the cake, only to find I was short the self-raising flour I needed, (which other than a short delay in cooking proceedings), not such a big deal.  A quick text to the birthday boy requesting that he stop and pick up the self-raising flour on his way back from his birthday morning coffee, and I and chef junior (that’s my 6yr old) would be baking in no time.

This is what he came home with…..please make note of everything that is NOT in this….listed to the lower right hand side….

So I panic and ask him why he didn’t just buy the everyday regular flour???  Total waste of breath… he just looked at me like I was some weirdo…not his fault….I am a weirdo and secondly, definitely my mistake thinking he had any clue about flour in the first place. Right?

None-the-less I decided to press on, poor 6yr old was waiting very patiently and I got to thinking that surely it would be okay….don’t people bake with this stuff all the time?  Surely.

Apparently NOT….look what happened…it just kind of flopped! A lovely awful big crater right in the middle……. Arghhhhhhhhh, why??  Can you see that crater?  I am refusing to take the rap for this.  I have baked this cake so many times and never has it flopped in the middle, burnt yes, but never flopped…what a disaster, it has to be the flour.  I’m gutted, because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and this just wont do.  Still, it’s Saturday, my hubby’s birthday and if he doesn’t care and the kids don’t care, then it’s just gonna have to do.

Not a finished product that I would usually offer up, but grated Cadbury Marble on top is certainly going to be a big improvement.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe….sorry there’s no candles…I forgot those too!

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