A flip flop

This is a little post just for a girlfriend of mine who was the other day considering a new purchase of FitFlops, only to be rudely sledged by another girlfriend of mine about how incredibly daggy she thought said FitFlops were (and just quietly, I have to agree), leaving my poor, sweet girlfriend without her purchase and in some degree of dilemma as to what she should in fact buy for her feet.

So I thought I might compile a little list of some slightly ‘trendier’ options for her to consider..and by trendy, I don’t necessarily mean to suggest that I myself am trendy or otherwise all that fashionable…but I do know some very trendy people and so will take my cues from them…..and something which seems to be all the trend in Sydney these days (I know this because my sister lives in Sydney and she has a pair and she is trendy) are

Saltwater Sandals which are for kids and big people alike and very cute.

Birkenstocks which are a very cool classic sandal still and not just in Sydney… and are sure to offer her the support her walking feet need.

Maseur completely reliable, comfy and affordable.

Reef Bella Costas not technically a sandal, but very adorable and feel good

Ssesko Designs which I first heard about here , which resulted in a purchase of  one of their beautiful clutches as a gift for my sister for Christmas, but that’s getting off track.

So there it is.  I did say it would be a little list.

Hope this helps you my lovely friend,  make a more informed decision about your foot attire.  No need to say thanks.

Should anyone else need some ‘trend’ advice, please feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to get the answers from some people who might know.

Thank you for taking time out to read my blog. Feel free to leave a comment.

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