Has anyone noticed that my blog seems to be lacking content of late?  I have realised since starting it, that it can be rather time-consuming and time is often in short supply!  The month of June was the official start of Winter here and with it came the colds which are a constant for my kids at this time of year.  Last winter was a horror for us and I was hoping that this year would be a little different. Alas it has thus far been just the same, with a soon to be 3yr old sick for the first 3.5 weeks of the month, leaving blogging right down the bottom of the priority list and definitely an indulgence.  Now we’re into July and so far so good!  School holidays are here and so the entertainment of kids is currently a full-time occupation.

I have however been in soup heaven this winter and will try to put up some great soup recipes before this lovely cold weather departs us for another stinking hot summer….so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Winter…..

  1. Denise! What has happened to your blog?! I have enjoyed reading your funny posts so if you ever get a minute….. Anne x

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