Mother’s Day off…

After my birthday, Mother’s Day is officially my most favourite day of the calendar year.  I look forward to it with an ill sleep filled with great expectations of what the day will hold and it did not disappoint.  A leisurely sleep in, cuppa in bed, very excited children racing  up onto the bed to wish me a quick good morning, happy Mother’s Day and can we open our presents….a giant mug (the first in my ‘Mugs for Mum’ collection), slippers (my pick), an adorable homemade  note-book and a plastic milk foamer.  Uh huh, a milk foamer, definitely the… ‘it’s for you mum so you can make me hot chocolates all the time now…’ gift, that will no doubt be the one that keeps on giving (if it makes it through the Winter, one wash and its rusting already).  Sweet though.

So Mother’s Day is the creme de la creme for moi, as of this year that is.  This year the kids are that little bit older, less excessively demanding and at an age where a husband can take on a certain amount of responsibility for their care and actually start to prove useful.  At last.

I decided to ditch the guilt, soak up some appreciation and hang up my clothes pegs for the day.  It’s a tad ironic I know, but Mother’s Day from here on in, shall be the day that I’m not going to be a mother, to the best of my ability.  A Mother’s Day……off.  Ahhh the serenity.  It sounds a little harsh I know, but being a mother is harsh and exhausting and often times doesn’t really leave you with a great sense of job satisfaction at day’s end.  So I lapped it up, recharged a little and post Mother’s Day I felt like a whole new mother, even one with a little spring in her step.  I’m fairly sure the kids didn’t mind too much and hubby seemed to get through without complaint.

As wonderful as it was though, I do have to admit that my Mother’s Day off did make me feel a little indulgent (so maybe I didn’t ditch  the guilt entirely) and I wondered what on earth my poor mother did for some quiet time amongst the chaos of six children, she would have needed it more than most and certainly more than I did.  A big thanks to you Mum for being the most amazing mother you could have been.  I’ll be forever grateful.  Who knows, maybe one day I might get to be a mother who is nearly as good as you are,  although I’m fairly certain I still have a long way to go and might in fact  just have to settle for coming close.  One can only try.

So to all the mothers out there, here’s hoping that you too got to have a great Mother’s Day and maybe even a Mother’s Day off.


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