Prince William by name and nature….

Prince William and Kate Middleton strike a handsome pose and their recent nuptials were certainly an event to behold, one which I am sure even the staunchest Republican would have had difficulty ignoring.  Although having said that, my husband managed it just fine, watching all that pomp and pageantry just isn’t his cup of English Tea.  Never mind.  I did in fact find a kindred wedding watching companion in the unlikeliest of fellows, my very own home-grown 5yr old, a little mini Prince William if you will.  Granted he’s a tad younger, significantly shorter, sports a better crop on top and is technically not an actual Prince but I’d go so far as to say he’ll be as handsome (if not more so) in the coming years as his more famous namesake.

Mini Prince William and I enjoyed the whole affair.  He stuck by me through hard times and bad commercials, sickness and all that wealth and it was there on our much worn sofa, we were arm in arm for the highly anticipated balcony scene and the longed for sealing with a kiss.  Such romance.  The kiss was bestowed and my heart missed a beat and then my bonny Prince looked up longingly into my face and said, ‘that’s you and me mummy’…my heart skipped another beat, what a guy.  My 5yr old thinks I’m a Princess.  How can you not love this kid!

You may think that in the days since I would have set him straight, but you’d be wrong.  Who am I to squash his regal and innocent notions of a ‘Princess Mum’.  I rather fancy the idea of cleaning the toilet for the third time today with a tiara in hand, yes I quite like it.  A novel use for a tiara I’ll admit but I’m sure those diamonds would ‘cut through  ground in stains in hard to reach places’ with ease.

It just goes to show that it’s not too late for us somewhat under appreciated, exhausted, not very glamorous and blingless mothers to become Princesses.  You might be pleasantly surprised to find that your 5 yr son thinks of you as a Princess too.  I guess its true what they say, boys really do just love their mums.

So it seems my child is (for now) Princely by name and Princely by nature and I am more than happy to be his Princess until such time as another comes to fill my shoes, but by then I fear the shoes will be awfully big and not so easy to fill.  Concessions will have to be made.


5 thoughts on “Prince William by name and nature….

  1. Lovin your blog, DK, you’re so funny, and such a good writer.
    It must be all that copying off me in Year 11 Lit!!!!! ha ha

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