Easter has just passed by this house (as I expect it has yours) leaving a slip stream of murky brown stuff in its path.  It’s all over the place, especially evident on my off white walls and gloss white kitchen cupboards.  It makes for a sweet change though, as the murky brown stuff around here usually hails from a much more sinister and down right dirty place, so I dare say chocolate smear is ever so sweet and even gives off a soothing aroma as I wipe it up and off just about everything.  But would I swap the old dirt for the new dirt permanently? Never.

I have never seen my kids as excited as they were to discover an Easter Egg from the Easter Bunny next to their beds on Sunday morning.  It would be fair to say that their reaction all but eclipsed Christmas.  Of course I’m certain the reason for this is that my kids just happen to be completely chocolate obsessed, its their ultimate ‘great thing’ common to many children (and their parents) I suspect, so to behold a whole egg wrapped in coloured foil and placed snuggly inside a Cadbury cardboard box is almost too much.  They were happy, very very happy and it was ever so touching to see the two of them bounding around full of joy with totally sweet beautiful grins from ear to ear. Doesn’t every parent just love to see their kids so joy filled and happy? Of course we do and does it really matter how it happens?

Well turns out it does.  We better soak up that happiness and even bottle it if we can, because in about 5 minutes time (pretty much to the second), once that chocolate egg (I was so eager for the Easter Bunny to bestow) kicks in, I can kiss happiness goodbye and say hello to sugar and additive induced hyperactive hell.  It literally happens right in front of my eyes, my children morph into unrecognisable crazed little things.  It starts with a glint in their eye and that sweet beautiful grin of 5 minutes back now takes on a more Joker-esk slant which you’d better arm yourself against.  But there’s really nothing to be done now, just batten down the hatches, take cover and ride all the craziness out, after all, it is my fault, I should know better and in actual fact, I do know better, but its Easter and I still believe that 5 minutes of total happiness of an hour ago was well worth it.

Thankfully we’re all over it now, the kids got their fix and us parents got our dose of happy kids, oh and all remaining eggs, because there is no way the kids are having anymore, at least not until I need to see more happy faces or something is really broken and chocolate is the only thing that could possibly fix it!

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