Food Inc or not to Food Inc? Well at least it makes you think…

To Food Inc or not to Food Inc?  That is the question I had been asking myself since the Food Inc documentary was released here in 2008.   I knew the content was confronting and harrowing plus being a former Vegetarian I was fairly certain it would make me feel pretty bad about my decision to give it away, which was probably my main reason for not watching it all this time.

I gave up meat for about 10 years and never once did I feel the urge or want to eat red meat.  I gave it up to be “healthy”, it had nothing to do with animal cruelty at the time, but did eventually evolve into that after learning more about how our animals are raised and treated before they find their poor way to the dinner table.

So there I was cruising along very  happily in my vegetarian  world until one day in 2004 all that changed.  Bang.  I fell pregnant and like a bolt of lightning, that was it – goodbye vego, hello carnivore.  I was crazed – salt was my goal and I devoured every piece of bacon rasher in my path, not to mention amounts of processed ham that’d leave you reeling in the deli aisle, but I’ll be damned, it tasted like heaven.

Fast forward 5 years on – we all eat meat and I’ve all but forgotten my substantial repertoire of vegetarian recipes that were once my staple.

Food Inc is indeed a most excellent documentary and has served as a timely reminder to be vigilant about the food choices I make for my family, after all, when kids are small, they are what I eat….God help me though when the boys start to figure it out for themselves and wonder why on earth I’m serving them up what was once a cute little chicken.


2 thoughts on “Food Inc or not to Food Inc? Well at least it makes you think…

  1. Hmmmm bacon. I gave up red meat for lent. After I have a large pepper steak I will contemplate weather to try full vego for a few weeks.. You better dig out some if those recipes

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