Seriously, where did all the vomit come from?

I have spent rather a long time thinking about and churning over exactly what my first post on my first ever blog would entail and I have to admit that vomit was not high on my list, at least not until last night. Between the hours of 9.00pm and approximately 03.00am this morning I was all about the vomit.  Not mine, it belonged to my son.  He’s 5 years old and was so sick and (as I’m sure all you mothers of 5 yr olds will know)  5 yr olds aren’t really good at ‘so sick’, least of all this particular 5 yr old, who is quite likely the worst patient in the world.  He refused to vomit in the bucket, the toilet, the sink or indeed even the towel but instead let loose all over himself, the sheets (both his and mine) the walls , the furniture, and even myself (although in fairness, that was my fault), until he was finally done.  Poor guy. Good news though, he’s certainly made a speedy and rather remarkable recovery and was back to his usual whining and complaining self by late this afternoon, thank God.

This little episode continued what has in fact been a very vomit laden week for this household.  It began with the arrival of my most beautiful and very pregnant sister from Sydney… so great to see her and my gorgeous niece and brother-in-law..except…sister was sick, poor love and didn’t really come good until she was just about ready to get back on the plane and head home, leaving us with a very real reminder of her presence… sick 2.5 yr old who took up the vomit mantle where she left off!  I hate it when vomit is the hot topic of the week, but what can you do. Enough said!

Still it could have been worse, and as I sign off, the silver lining is that tonight my husband is cooking me dinner and the kids are back to being themselves,  stomping play-doh into the floors.  Sweet.


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